Born in 1972, he is a native of В Moscow, Russia. He took up photography in 2006 and is widely published in Russian editions of magazines such as Foto&Video, Digital Camera, Zoom, F-Stop Magazine, Don't Take Pictures. He took part in the “Silver Camera 2007” photography exhibition organized by Moscow House of Photography, В "Museum. The point of view of the photographer" exhibition organized by The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and other personal and group exhibitions.


Senior Lecturer, Depatment of PhotoArt,  Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies

Lecturer , School of photography FineArt




2010, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, “Metaphysical photography”, multimedia, the sound of "Atanore", video

2011, Ukraine, Lviv, “Environment”, “5x5” gallery

2012, Russia, Moscow, "Environment", gallery Legrand, ArtPlay, web catalogue of the exhibition




2009, Russia, Moscow, “Silver Camera 2007”, Moscow House of Photography, CEH “Manej” (Manejnaia area, 1)

2010, Russia, Moscow, “Metaphysical photography”, Photo center, web catalogue of the exhibition

2011, Russia, Moscow, “The loss of the initial sense”, Photo center

2011, Ukraine, Lviv, “Walking with Muzalyov/ wolking with Smolyaninow”, Dzyga gallery

2011, Canada, Quebec, project "Mirror"

2011, Russia, Rostov, "Сonditional Origin"

2012, Russia, Moscow, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, "Museum. The point of view of the photographer"

2012, Russia, Moscow, FOTODOC, Exhibition of street photography festival

2013, Polland, Lublin, 2014 Georgia, Tbilisi, EASTREET, Street Photography from Eastern Europe

2014,Usbekistan, Tashkent, International Tashkent Photo Biennale, “Metaphysical photography”

2014, Russia, Krasnodar, PHOTOVISA , Winners of Foto&Video Magazine Contests. Russia — Ukraine — Belarus — Lithuania

2014, Russia, Zelenograd, 2015, Minsk, INNERVISION, International Street Photography Exhibition


2016, INNERVISION-2, “No Subject” exhibition, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Minsk,...