Metaphisical Photofraphy

Russian photographer Alexander Sliussarev first used term metaphysical photography in 2009. And with the opening exhibition in Moscow during May 2010, under the banner "Metaphysical Photography", the movement obtained broad recognition in Russia. A year later a second exhibition, titled “The loss of the primary meanings”, was held.

The roots of  "metaphysical photography" should be found in the major trends of European art from the second decade of the 20th century: "Metaphysical Art", “New Objectivity” (Neue Sachlichkeit), “Magic Realism”.  Turning to the reality after radical experiments of the beginning of the century, artists have found it changed: it was strange, fluid and ambiguous. Their artworks made an impression of both authenticity and irreality. But this integrity was soon destroyed. In Europe surrealism has expropriated the new artistic experience of magic realism, but for the sake of showiness it neglected veracity.

The American realist art was influenced by magic realism till the end of 50s. In the 1960s, a new style of realism, called both Photorealism and Hyper-Realism, came into vogue. It provided the ultra sharp image, but without magic or mystery.

From the 20s photography was preoccupied especially with emancipation from painting, the struggle for the right to develop along lines defined by the actualities and limitations of the photographic medium. Although some photographers are officially recognized as new objectivity’s doers, any considerable samples with supernatural way to grasp the reality cannot be revealed.

Self-actualization is not worthy motivation for creative activity. A conscious mind and a subconscious mind ought to help you to discover unrecognized view rather to be a source of entertaining distortion. Eventually it’s an inherent feature of our world to provide a great variety of intricate ambivalent projections to be depicted by.  Photography is perfect medium to do it.   



Метафизическая фотография опознается по сочетанию ощущений ирреальности и достоверности, возникающих у зрителя 



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